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Garbage - Beautiful Garbage

Yes, I know this CD came out in 2001, but recently, I have been listening to it over, and over, and over again. It truly is one of those CD's that you could listen to on repeat and wouldn't get tired of it early on.

Shirley Manson? Lovely girl. Lovely voice which resonates throughout the CD. Her voice carries well, whether it be to the music of 50's retro or 80's pseudo-new wave.

Songs like "Cup of Coffee", "Drive You Home", and "So Like a Rose" are filled with emotion and absolutely beautiful songs. They'll make you reminisce about your vulnerability.

On the other hand, "Shut Your Mouth" is so full of 'tude that you'll want to shut the fuck up, bee-yotch. Rock \m/

"Cherry Lips", totally my personally favorite. It makes you want to get up and "go, go!" Funky, hip, totally dance and sing-alongable.

"Androgyny" and "Untouchable" have attitude, but more of the street 'tude and in your face, kind of like, I'm all up in your grill. Not sure what to say, but I enjoy them. Makes me get the funky-vibe and I'll do a shoulder brush-off. Hah.

Fantastic CD. I definitely recommend purchasing this CD and blasting it in your car or home. A beautiful compilation, far from garbage. Two words, bloody brilliant.
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You will never sell me on a rock band with a chick lead singer.
Because you're *coughsosososogaycough*. It's not like they're The crap Donnas or something. Shirley Manson is a fantastic chick lead singer. Do you not like old No Doubt?! Jerk. You like male peen leaders.
Old no doubt was kinda good!
i mean they werent great, but they didnt suck as much as they do now. which is like. the equivalent of sucking 18 huge peens.

but yeah dude. I like how shirley manson sings. D:
No, I hate No Doubt.
shirley manson's a goddess--resonating line from me. i like how she croons the line "im waiting, im waiting for you..." in Milk. oh my. shirley's just so lovely and sexy.
Heeee one of my favorites is the breathy speaking-ish part of Hammering in my Head on Version 2.0. :D:D

auarl orgasm. whee. :D