Deep (radiodjchick) wrote in bizrants,

Unoriginal, Uncreative, and just a waste of money!

Three Days Grace self titled album reaks of the generic rock that has bored the hell out of Americans everywhere. TDG's first release "I Hate Everything About You" sounds catchy, seems original, but when you listen to the rest of the album, every song sounds the same, which helps me conclude that this band will go nowhere fast.
Almost every song deals with teen angst, or so it seems, with lyrics that seem to be borrowed from every "I hate my significant other" song ever, as well as marijuana. This band definitely sounds good at first, but when you strip away the repetitive chords, you're left with repetitive lyrics, track after track.
The only way that one can truly be happy with this album is if it was re-recorded backwards. That might make it at least a bit more interesting.

and.. Hello!
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