rockapotamus (jiveturky) wrote in bizrants,

Blink 182's self-titled.

I listened to this on the way home from the mall, because Nate had bought it. Let me say upfront, that I am not a Blink fan whatsoever. In fact, they recently made my "Sucks List". However, their self-titled eighth CD (really? eight? Damn, I didn't know they had that many) starts off with a lotta promise. The first three tracks are original, inventive, and even catchy. However, just like all of their CDs, it spirals downward after that, with each song sounding like a carbon copy of something they've already done. Travis Barker has yet to learn that fast drumming does not always good drumming make. Tom what'shisface has shitty vocals, why am I the only one to recognize this? He's nasally and whiny, and doesn't have a very good range at all. Blink's carousel of bubble gum punk is getting exhausting; it's time for them to really reach out and realize that there are more than three chords.
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