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A double review! Bowling for Columbine and X2: X-Men United

Bowling for Columbine:

Let me say this - Never before have I rented a movie, then found it so fantastic that I went out twelve hours later and bought it. Yep, I did just that for Bowling for Columbine. Oh, you say, does it replace your beloved Fight Club? Of course not - BUT - it did slide into the top 5 list, right under Memento. Now to the actual movie itself -- It's a movie about gun control and violence in America, something I've always had an interest in, due to my radical belief that guns are completely and utterly unnecessary. If you look back a few weeks on my personal journal, you'll see my attack on people who use the Second Amendment as a crutch. Michael Moore, a lifetime NRA member and a skilled marksman, leads the questioning throughout the movie. Statistics are thrown around like confetti, and as always, the numbers don't lie. For example - Every major developed country in the world has a gun-murder rate less than 350/year. Like, Germany has 340 something, Australia has 40 something, our snowy neighbors to the north Canada had about 32/year. America? It has over eleven thousand gun-murders a year. I don't want to give away too much more of the film, so just go out and fucking buy it already. It's humorous, it's serious, it's high-impact.

X2: X-Men United:

The second in the terrific X-Men series, this movie can't seem to go about three minutes without having a major conflict. However, it pieces enough drama together to keep it from feeling like a choppy ride. The movie starts out with the introduction of Nightcrawler, a pretty kickass character who speaks German, too! I tried deciphering what he was saying, but I could only figure out some of the words, sorry. They also show more of the talents of the children at Xavier's school. The opponent this time comes from William Stryker, the man who performed the adamantium experiment on Wolverine. He's planning on abducting Professor X (which seems to be a recurring theme) and tricking him into using his own form of Cerebro to kill all mutants. Some of the plotlines are incredibly predictable, and there are so many characters that it feels like some of them are rushed into the picture (see: Cyclops, Rogue, Lady Deathstrike). However, the special effects have been upped again in this movie, somehow, and it's fantastic. If you don't want to watch the movie, at least check out these three scenes: The opener where Nightcrawler shows off his teleportation in the White House, the scene where Storm creates hundreds of tornadoes to try and stop the fighter jets, and the scene where Pyro gets pissed off at the cops and starts wrecking their shit. Magneto's back in this film, too, playing the incredibly likeable villain-hero he always does. Overall, it's a bit formulaic, but the supernatural powers mixed with a real political issue (replace the word mutant with blacks, gays, Communists and you'll understand) and the end result is a substantial movie.
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