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870 pages = 1 week
It is as heavily-plotted as it is thick.
Inescapable thought.. Harry is immature for not choosing to believe the truth when Dumbledore himself tells Harry what's behind his (Harry's) false accusations on Snape. (He felt pleasure in blaming Snape all the time.)
Luna Lovegood is more than just "Loony" Lovegood. I felt her the most, being part-oddball meself.
Very good characterization of course, they are all well-defined by their actions and thoughts, etc.
The climax is very grippind I had to cover the lines below with my bookmark to keep myself from reading what's ahead. Heh.

I know this all along, being the most significant event in the book (or at least for me because he's my favorite fictional person). What with the hype when it was released last June21 (and yeah I ran for my reserved copy, heehee) causing people to talk about "who died in it" even on the FM radio!! Grr... Why why why... he's my favorite!

Have always thought Sirius = Aragorn. Smart, long-haired and quite indifferent most of the time. Viggo would have played as Sirius well. :D
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