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Movies. Music. Literature. Concerts. Television. Mayhem. Minus the Mayhem. It's simple - write a review about something that entertained you. Warning: It could get ugly.
Uglier than yo' momma.

1. No flaming. Duh. One strike? You're out.
2. Lets try to keep on topic. We're a pretty broad community but come on. Advertising your own communities? Not cool.
3. Make sure to put the title of what you're reviewing in the subject line. Not so much of a rule as a suggestion.
4. No whining; accept criticism as you would accept praise.
5. Additionally, dish out constructive criticism. "Your review sucked" does not fit into that category.
6. The English language is your friend. Learn it, love it, live it.
7. Tell your friends. Thanks.

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